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Our store chain is located on a common trade area of 5 acres. Each of them is on two levels. For parents with baby strollers comfortable and elegant elevators which provide free access in the store.

In stores Vis Vitalis are leading brands of products tested and provide utility and reliability, because they are intended for children. Right here you will find cosmetics, accessories, baby monitors, single nappies, food, textile products from leading manufacturers, Socks, tights, booties, shoes, walkers, car seats and feeding seats,baby strollers, folding beds for sleep and play.

For the emotional, intellectual and natural development of babies and children we offering toys and educational games, books, creative art kits vehicles, swings, sports goods.

The devices are arranged so as to familiarize yourself with them in the most convenient way. Qualified shop assistants will help you to learn the specific qualities of each fabric will provide the function of a product, will  test the functionality of your chosen product.

In stores Vis Vitalis are created some additional amenities. With us you can make a gift through a voucher, you can make choices of your favorite product to be maintained and to take it in coming days. Your chosen bed may be transported free of charge within the towns of Plovdiv and Sofia. Future parents may get professional information in the free school "Supermama" which is hosted by our stores.

Ahead and even mutual pleasures which will make your visits with us more enjoyable.